UNIST Genomics course 2018

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UNIST Genomics course organized by Jong Bhak 2018. 


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The following topics are in the course:

What is a genome?

   DNA, RNA, Codon, SequencingPCR, Sequence Alignment  NGS alignment algorithms

   What is a reference?



What is the philosophy of genomics?

   Fundamentals of genomics   ||  What is the meaning of genotype, envirotype, and phenotype


What are the principles of genomics?

   Genome Reading  Genome Writing

   Major theories of genomics

   What are key technologies of genomics?

   Bioprogramming (using Perl)



What is the future of genomics?

   Cancer research

   Geromics: Aging





What specific problems are in genomics?

What are the most important things in genomics?

What is sequencing?

What are DNA and RNA?

What are repeats?   What are palindromes?


How to write a scientific essay?

What are good motivations for an active participation in classes and research?

How to grade this course by Jong Bhak


Genomics course homework for students.

Genomics course books and references for students.

Genomics course papers published by Jong Bhak



To General Genomics course

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