Jong Bhak's Genomics Syllabus

Jong Bhak's Genomics course syllabus. 2024 (Spring)
(No mid-term exam)
Weekly Schedule
Week Contents: Students are required to click on all the links and listen to the Youtube channels.
01 Introduction to Jong Bhak's genomics course
What is science?
What is life?
What is DNA? What is RNA?
What is transcription and translation?
What is information?
02 What is Sequencing in Genomics and Omics? 
History of Genome Sequencing by Ahmet Sacan

How we produce genomic big data?
Sanger sequencing

What is a protein?  
03 Next generation sequencing.
Illumina sequencing
Nanoball sequencing
Nanopore sequencing.
04 Epigenomics
Methylation sequencing (Epigenomic sequencing).
05 DNA and sequence alignment.
Dynamic programming
Computers for genomics (Bioinformatics).
Turing machine
06 Genome Assembly. (building genomes)
07 Phylogenetic tree (tree of life): The origin of Korean people using genome data.
08 Comparative Genomics (how we can compare life using genomes)
  * Intro of Comparative Genomics by Jong Bhak
09 Evolution (genome perspective): Is Darwinian evolution correct?
10  The human genome project
11  Korean genome project: Who are Koreans?
12 Whale genome analyses
13  Tiger genome analyses
14 Cancer genomes and Genomes and aging (telomere, Epigenomic reprogramming)
15 Research Report presentation (SELF)