Professor Jong Bhak


 Jong Bhak, Ph.D. 

Present Affiliation/Employer: UNIST (Ulsan National Inst. of Sci. & Tech)

Personal Genomics Institute, Genome Research Foundation

Contact Info :,
Korean: 박종화,
Chinese: 朴鍾和

1986 ~ 1987: Vet. Medicine. Seoul National University, Korea.

1988 ~ 1990: compulsary military service.

1990. 9 ~ 1994. 7: Aberdeen University, UK Biochemistry BSc. Honours, 1st Class. 
1994. 10 ~ 1997. 7: MRC centre, Center for Protein Engineering, Cambridge, UK. Bioinformatics Ph.D. with Tim Hubbard & Cyrus Chothia Ph.D. 
Thesis : Genome sequence analysis and methods.

Ph.D. supervisers: Tim Hubbard (Sanger Inst.) & Cyrus Chothia (MRC-LMB)

Employment and career experience 
1997. 8 ~ 1997.12 : MRC centre, Cambridge, UK. Bioinformatics Postdoc with Cyrus Chothia

1998. 1 ~1999. 4 : Harvard Medical School, Genetics dept, 
George Church Lab. Research Fellow, Postdoc

1999. 4 ~2001. 12 : EBI (European Bioinformatics Institute) Research Fellow, 
Postdoc. With Dr. Liisa Holm

2001. 1 ~ 2003. 4 : MRC-DUNN, Cambridge, UK, Group Leader (Faculty)

2003. 4 ~ 2005. 3 : Biosystems Dept. KAIST, Korea Associate Professor (Faculty)

2005. 3 ~ 2009. 9: KOBIC (Korean Bioinformation Center), KRIBB, Daejeon, Korea (Director) 
2009. 9 ~ present : Theragen BiO Institute (TBI), TheragenEtex. Director.

2010. 4 ~ present : Personal Genomics Institute(PGI), Genome Research Foundation, Director.

2012. 1 ~ 2014.01 : Adj. Professor, Seoul National University, NanoScience dept. South Korea.

2014.06 ~ present : Professor at Biomedical Engineering, UNIST, South Korea

General Research Interests 
Life time research interest: AgingBioinformaticsGenomics, and Omics

Genomics: the frst Korean genome sequence analysis. 
Pathogen-host interaction analysis at genomic/proteomic scale. 
This work is on a large-scale pathogenic interaction studies using protein-protein interaction information. 
Structural Interactomics (the whole biomolecular structural interaction network construction and analysis. Mainly proteins and their ligands). This is a high resolution structural analysis of interactome. It defines precisely the structural patterns and topologies of protein and chemical domains using computer algorithms developed by us. (Park, et al., 2001, JMB). (Http://
Protein Chemical (ligand) Interaction. I have been interested in the interaction between proteins and their ligands. No publishable or significant research results are available yet. However, I am quite interested in this topic and am currently negotiating a collaboration and grant with a research institute (symposium presentation: annual Korean Biochemistry society meeting, 2002. RNA and DNA binding proteins domains) 
SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) and SAP (small number amino acid polymorphism) analysis. 
BioInfra (Construction of Bioinformatic infrastructure for large scale industrial biotechnology applications) 
Molecular Anthropology. I have been interested in analyzing ancient DNA to track the origins and migrations of ethnic groups.

Names of Jong Bhak's Referees

Sang-Ki Rhee, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Medical Biotechnology College of Medical Sciences 
(former director of KRIBB where KOBIC was affliated with)
Chief Executive Director, SCH Center for BioPharmaceutical Research and Human Resources Development, Soon Chun Hyang (SCH) University 
Postal Address: 646 Eupnaeri, Sinchang, Asan City, Chungnam, Korea (336-745) 
Tel: +82-(0)41-547-1793 Fax: +82-(0)41-530-3085 
Mobile: +82-(0)10-9309-4480 e-mail:

Dr. George Church: Genetics Dept. Harvard Med. School, Longwood Ave. Boston, MA, USA, (617) 432-1278 

Dr. Tim Hubbard:, The Sanger Centre Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambs CB10 1SA, UK, Tel: +44 1223 496886 , Fax: +44 1223 494919 


Dr. Shoba Ranganathan:

Professor of Bioinformatics, Dept. of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, Macquarie University
Sydney NSW 2109, Australia
Telephone:             +61-2-9850-6262       Fax: +61-2-9850-8313

Dr. Cyrus Chothia: chc1 @, MRC-LMB, Cambridge, Hills Road, CB22QH, UK , +44 (0)1223 402221

Prof. Liisa Holm:, or, Department of Biosciences, P.O.Box 56 (Viikinkaari 9), FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland, phone: +358 9191 59117 , fax: +358-9-191-58754


List of publication (Jong Bhak is the same person as Jong H. Park)

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