Next generatioin seqeuncing


An Introduction to next-generation sequencing technology :


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1) Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) - An Introduction

- NGS : sample prepartion->sequencing machines->DATA output by each cluster.

- four main DNA sequencing : pyrosequencing(release of pyrophosphate), sequencing by synthesis(fluorescent signal), sequencing by ligation(hybridization probe + oligonucleotide with fluorescent), ion semiconductor sequencing(Hydrogen ion releasing)


2) Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) - Sample Preparation

- sample preparartion for whole Genome seq, exome seq, RNA seq, Methylation seq

3) Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) - Coverage & Sample Quality Control

- coverage(per genome = total output generated/total size of the sample seq), sample quality control, quantitative validation, qualitative validation.

4) Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) - Data Analysis

- Raw data output, sequence alignment, variant calling, additional software & tools.     FASTQ, SAM.BAM, FASTQC, Picard

5) Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) - Applications of Whole Genome Sequencing

- WGS overview, De novo genome assembly, pathogen outbreak, molecular evolution.