BioLicense is the freest license in the universe.


The Definition of Biolicense

Biolicense is a license scheme to enable human beings and machines to openfreely share data, information, and knowledge for limitless number of purposes at present and in the future time. 

It is a license that tries to protect data, information, and knowledge from being exclusively labelled and owned by a limited number of classes, races, and economic groups and beings in the world.  It also aims to maximize human synthetivity and entrepreneurship. 

Biolicense does not accept the concept of "originators" and "founders" for data, knowledge, and information. Biolicense instead has 'processors' who generate data, synthesize information, and bring insights to the information. 

Biolicense regards all the knowledge is produced as the result of complex network of switch, data, information, knowledge, and philosophy.

The purpose of BioLicense
BioLicense is to make all the knowledge forms available on Earth completely free and free of charge to everything in the universe.

BioLicense is a kind of public domain license.
Public domain means there is no property owner on the materials. That is why no one can claim the right over materials. 

The difference between Biolicense and Public Domain license
Biolicense does not support the concept of 'creator', 'initiator', 'founder', or 'originator' in its core. However, it tries to recognize as many participants as possible in acknowledging the synthesis of data, information, idea, and knowledge. The largest group of participants is the whole set of biological information processing objects(Bioinfob). BioLicense defys time aspect in that regard.

Credit for generating information
Under Biolicense people can get credits for 'processing' and 'synthesizing' information entities such as writings, books, softwares, knowledge, protocols, and insights.

For example, under biolicense, the contents of a wiki page composed by tens of people over 5 years time does not have any owner, creator, founder, or originator. Someone started the page. However, the constantly changing content can not be claimed to be originated by him or her under BioLicense. BioLicense defys time aspect in that regard.

BioLicense Manifesto