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-Presentation about Influence of HLA on human partnership and sexual satisfaction

HLA has 2 types that are related to perception of olfactory

Question: What is most important for your partner?

I think appearance and odor. Because vision takes larger part in first impression and daily life. Therefore, it will be important human to choose their partner. Also, I saw an article that people attract someone who have similar odor. It means odor is important part too.

My question: way to interpret data

Most people are in one side and people’s standard to apply is different. So, I wonder how can we interpret this data. Also, I think that result can be changed easily.


-Presentation about Epigenomics

What is Epigenomics?

DNA methylation/acetylation, histone modification


-Why people use horse as a sample for experiment?

Because horse is expensive. If people use genome sequencing for better horse and have successful result, people can use it for money.


Lecture & Self-study by MJ 20180427

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